Melodious Safety

and by this we do not only refer to the beepers in intensive care.

Those who think that they already have enough electronics in their car, can put their TireMoni tpms display into their seat pocket and get an acoustic warning only, when one of their tyres’ pressure should be impaired.

In any case a timely warning in case of a pressure loss in a car or motorcycle tyre will provide a minimum of 10 minutes reaction time. Only in 5% of all cases will a tyre blow out by direct external influence while 95% of all tyre incidents are preceded by a slow puncture and pressure loss.

With a TireMoni tyre pressure monitoring system installed and operational, those incidents can be measured, recognized and eliminated.

Especially in the wintertime a tyre puncture is very annoying. The spare tyre – if there is one left in the car – is in most cases not suited for winter driving and the weather makes changing a tyre a dirty business.

We have repeatedly been hearing comments like: “I dont need a tpms, I have never had a puncture.” We think that this is a very shortsighted argument as it misses out on all other advantages of a well maintained tyre pressure: petrol savings, improved driving safety, improved handling, reduced tyre wear, etc…

Please apologize if we sometimes sound like the preachers of HIV prevention and contraception…

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